Furniture that grows up with your kids

Designed in Montreal

6 months

Start using the HiLo when the child can sit up without support.

12 months

In its high position, the HiLo fits under the kitchen counter.

18 months

Well, we all know what this age is about!

2 years

Time for Hi to become Lo!

4 years

In its low position, it lets toddlers sit at any standard-height table without a booster seat.

6 years

The HiLo chair can also serve as a small desk chair for children aged four to six.

Show me the HiLo Chair's Magic !

Whether you have been hearing people raving about it or are just seeing it for the first time, you should take a moment to see it « live » in action – definitely worth the watch.

I am a colour lover. Show me more.

The HiLo chair comes in a virtual rainbow of colours. Browse through our gallery and pick the one that will fullfill your wildest chromatic dreams.









Why should I buy a hilo chair?

We have a whole warehouse full of ideas as to why you and your little one(s) should have the HiLo chair - but in the interest of brevity (and on the off chance that you are not already convinced), here are our top 5 handy-dandy arguments:

Because it
looks pretty awesome.

When we were working out the design of the HiLo chair, we kept in mind that all we wanted was a simple, good looking modern piece of furniture, that would strategically combine premium materials such as aluminium, hardwood and colourful high grade plastics.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Because it (barely)
needs any maintenance.

Think about how much time you spend cleaning your kids' mess, both in general and in particular the mess they leave behind for you on their high chair.   While we can't help you with the mess left in the bathroom, we can reduce high chair clean-up time by 70%.   And that's not just a bullpoop statistic: when we designed it, our objective was a 30 second clean-up timeframe.

Adding the HiLo chair to your growing family will buy you precious moments of quality time that you would otherwise have spent cleaning up whatever the heck that stuff was that Junior left under his plate {yecch}.

Because it is smarter buying one chair than three.

We admit it, the HiLo chair might be a bit more expensive than others, but it is well made, sturdy, smart and, best of all, grows up with your kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years – by our calculation allowing two chairs to take early retirement, and saving you some money in the process.

Because it is safe for your kids, wherever they live on this planet.

Nothing is more important than your little ones’ safety, and the HiLo chair has been designed to meet rigorous international standards.

Click here to review the complete list of standards, all of which the HiLo has passed in flying colours.

Because why take it from us when you can hear it from someone just like you (ie. a parent)?

We think that we make a pretty good argument for the HiLo, but we recognize the value and power of a satisfied customer, so you can always get a second opinion by reading what people are saying about it.

Check out the comments on our FB page.

Our story

We have put loads of
thought and love into it.

Like you, we – the folks behind the HiLo – are parents. And the HiLo project was conceived when Arthur (the little guy thinking about a dragon sitting on the Raspberry chair) was 6 months old, because, as parents, we found ourselves frustrated with the endless cycle of purchase / re-purchase of baby things that were either quickly outgrown or apparently designed to break at the first opportunity.

The HiLo is our solution to a problem that has both these features. Along the way, we’ve met our share of challenges - at one point, we needed to completely re-think the business model and had to stop production for several months (yes, some parents got upset for that - sincere apologies). In 2011, we re-started production and re-commenced sales in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

After all that, we can say that we are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to introducing new, similarly smart and innovative products for your little ones in the months and years to come. We hope this little glimpse into our story inspires you in the pursuit of following your own dreams (and maybe buy a HiLo chair as well, that would be cool).

Where can I buy one ?

Because we are only selling through distributors, you cannot buy the HiLo on our website - sorry about that! But please find below all the contacts you will need to either buy one or obtain support.

We thank you for your visit and hope you enjoyed it!

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